Landscape and garden design in Melbourne

landscape-and-garden-designPeople with a creative mentality generally like gardening. So, they often want to have a garden and landscape design in order to make their garden look beautiful. Daniel Tyrrell Landscapes is one such company that provides landscape design Melbourne. A range of landscape design services is offered by Daniel Tyrrell Landscapes for both commercial and residential projects. These services can be offered individually or as a complete package depending on your budget, requirements and time frame. Some of the services are discussed as follows –

Landscape design consultation

You will be met personally by Daniel Tyrrell on site to discuss potential garden design and landscape options in your space. Every aspect of the project will be discussed during this initial meeting, including budget, landscaping ideas, site issues and aspects and your overall wish for the space. Daniel will talk through ideas on how to best achieve, approach and utilise the best design outcome that will suit your wants and needs. It is also the perfect chance to form a brief for the proposed garden and access the site.

Concept design

A designer from the office will come to the site on accepting the landscape design proposal in order to complete a detailed survey of the existing conditions. The base plan will be created by this survey for the initial concepts. You will be presented with these initial concepts and a master plan will be made from the selected concept. The master plan will feature details like water features, a pool, a planting schedule, outdoor rooms and decking.

Landscape construction

Since its inception in 2004, Daniel Tyrrell Landscapes has been a leader in landscape construction and design in Melbourne. Now, Daniel does not complete construction in-house and his studio focuses on design. In order to complete your landscape construction needs, you are recommended to use regular landscape constructors of Daniel Tyrrell Landscapes. Onsite consultation is offered by them throughout the build for confirming identify issues, progress and make any design issues, progress and make any design changes to ensure the best result.

Design development

Your concept design can be refined with the help of Daniel Tyrrell Landscapes. Information is offered that is required for the landscape construction. Construction details, material choices, elevations of the garden and lighting plans are all documented and chosen. Contractors may not get enough information from conceptual designs to quote accurately, so in this stage they like to add details to the notes for finishes, refine the concept places and show elevations of all the major elements proposed in the design. A lighting plan and site set out are also supplied in order to help convey the desired level of detail. Focus on these details will ensure a more successful, accurate and quicker construction outcome.

Planting schedule

If you simply require a garden refresh, this is a separate service that can be used. On accepting the fee proposal for the design of the plant schedule, a master plan will be created by them for your plant schedule. A plant schedule includes plant placement, pot sizes, and future established size, a scaled plan of the site and botanical names.

Therefore, contact Daniel Tyrrell Landscapes today to make your garden well-maintained and look beautiful that will surely delight you.