Five signs why you will likely need a sump pump

Best sump pump Wayne CDU 800

Best Sump Pump Wayne CDU 800

The basement is generally the only place in the entire house which you surely want to remodel. You even may want to decorate it as your dream basement. But a newly remodelled basement can be flooded if heavy summer rain starts. This disaster can only be prevented with the help of a sump pump. Water can be removed by a sump pump from the basement of your house. It helps to drain the logged water outdoors. Your home can be kept dry with the use of a sump pump. The best battery backup sump pump can help you to get rid of flooding issues in your basement.

How do you know whether you need a sump pump?

  • Your basement has already faced the water logging problem.
  • Water is trapped readily by a low lying or flat area with soil. If you dwell in such a place, you must need a sump pump.
  • A large quantity of snow or rain is experienced in some places. If you live in any of such places, you should definitely buy a sump pump.
  • If costly items are contained by the finished basement of your house, then you must buy a sump pump in order to protect them from water damage and mold growth.
  • Buy a sump pump if your existing sump pump has crossed the age of 6 years or more.

How to choose a sump pump?

Generally there are two types of sump pumps available in the market. They are given as follows –

  • Pedestal

A sump pump that has a motor which is installed above it is called a pedestal sump pump. In this sump pump, the motor is much more visible to its users. It can also be used easily. Though this option is very budget friendly, but it does not last very long.

The motor will be activated when a pedestal sump pump contains a sensor or float switch. It is a thin and long shaped sump pump. Cast iron, bronze or stainless steel is used to make a pedestal sump pump. Durability is gained by these sump pumps due to the materials which are used to make them. It is an extraordinary sump pump with higher horse power.

  • Submersible

A sump pump that has a motor that is installed inside the pump is called a submersible sump pump. It is a safe sump pump especially for children. It is a costlier sump pump than a pedestal one. It also has longer longevity than a pedestal sump pump. Accumulated water in a water collecting basin can be removed with the help of a submersible sump pump. The problem of dampness can also be solved with the use of a submersible sump pump.

Make sure to install a new sump pump properly. A battery back-up sump pump can work even during the power failure. Check the sump pump few times a year in order to check whether it is running properly or not. Thus, select a sump pump according to your requirement only after considering and comparing all the models of different sump pumps.